Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Small Marbles Just In Time For The Holidays

Dur! I totally forgot!!

New Materials:
A few weeks ago I got 2181 marbles in the mail. (I counted...)

35 varieties, with ~60-65 of each.

There was a little bit of overlap with marbles I already have, but surprisingly few (only 8 duplicates), which I'm happy about. NEW COLORS!!
The old varieties:

Most of the overlap is in the top row.

New Listings:
I feel a bit silly about going AWOL so close to the holidays, as I haven't really listed anything through all of November. I'm trying to rectify that with a few new stocking stuffers on my artfire. :D

I've also got a 26 lb order of rings and scales (with a bunch of new stuff) coming in in the next few days. I'll keep ya posted.