Monday, April 11, 2016

Is Five Years Long Enough To Leave A Blog Unattended?

I only dug up my old blog because I was looking for a very specific post.
I didn't find it but I ended up reading some of my old posts... and I kinda miss the newsletter style of many of them. The whole, "New Supplies/New Products/Project Updates/Commissions" format was fun to do and certainly got me more active when it came to making new things. Maybe I'll restart this one? Or maybe I'll just continue on at my Tumblr. Who knoooows~!
Not to leave anyone hanging who might still be subscribed and use this site, here are some of my more recent projects:
Dream catchers
Trying to use up my anodized titanium scales
More themed jewelry (Ninja Turtles!!)
20-sided dice jewelry
And an armored Beanie Baby!

But no seriously, go over to my Tumblr. I still update it semi-regularly.