Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lots of New Pretties! Part 1

I hardly know where to start!
I guess unpacking is the best place.

New Items:
I laid everything out on my bed so I could go through the packing list (ya, I know, I have really cool sheets)

I filled in all the gaps I had in my 18g 1/4" rings since January (FINALLY!!), and doubled the kinds of scales I have. The top two rows are "anodized" metals, and the bottom two rows are "base" metals.

I also got 5 new colors of rubber. They're "glow in the dark", but I'm not as impressed with that as I am the colors. The major down-side of them is they're 5 times more expensive than the normal ones. I didn't order very many of them (the 5 little trays in the picture are 3/4 of my inventory), so I probably will be using them more for highlights or wrapping marbles instead of bracelets.

That's all the new items for "Part 1"
Back to homework.

New Listings:


  1. had quite the order there. Great sizes and you'll have to be even more productive. =)

  2. That's where part 2 (or 3) will come in :P