Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playing Around Again With Some Old Chains

Geez... I'm surprised how busy I've been. I'm still scrambling to put something together six days later. Heck, and one day late at that!

I didn't get as far on the "new" bracelets as I planned, but at least I have something to show off.

The weave is called Tao Drago Tail, a weave by Corvus Chainmaille, and it makes a neat zig-zag flower pattern. At first I thought it was a strictly feminine weave, but depending on the colors, it can look pretty manly too :P

Only the green/silver one at the top is complete... but its still missing a clasp.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Plethora of New Bracelets!!

"Do you know what a plethora is, Jefe?" - El Guapo

Sorry for missing yesterday... and this would probably be a good time to say I'm switching to a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Makes it easier to keep up, but we'll see if this makes me lazier though.

New Items/Projects:
I'm a bit burned out from making so many half-persian 3-1 bracelets... but I've finally finished making ALL of the colors I have with white rubber!!

HP 3-1 is interesting in that it has 2 sides, so the 2nd picture of all of them inside out.

The two red ones are actually different shades with the one on the left being more "rosey", although its probably hard to see in a picture.

I'll try to start listing some of them through next week.

Honorable mention to a friend of mine who just learned how to make half-persian 3-1 using my rejected faded/scratched rings (crapodized, as he calls it) :D

For my next bracelet project, I want to make a bunch of the "tao dragon-tail" weave, which I've done a bunch of in the part, but haven't had in stock for over a year.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to school sale!!! $1-$2 Off Of All Key Chains!

All of my chainmaille wrapped marbles and celtic star key chains are on sale through August and September.
The sale applies to all of my online shops, and offline if you're local.

They make great backpack decorations, and zipper pulls for backpacks, or sweatshirts, or fanny packs if anyone still actually uses those!

The smaller wrapped marbles are $1 off

and the large marbles and celtic stars are $2 off.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Christmas Time!!! Too Soon?.....

August is just beginning, but I think its a perfect time to start putting up Christmas ornaments :)

The listing the picture links to is for a keychain/pendant, but all I need to do to make it an ornament is to put a hook instead of a key ring.

New Item(s):
A while back I made a scale flower off of a picture from The Ring Lord for a friend, and someone requested gold and blue... and I sorta never got around to it until now.

At some point that idea got into my head that "I need a banner over my table at conventions...", so I designed a scale pattern in IGP.

The whole banner will use about 2850 scales and 6000 tiny rings...
Right now, I'm about 40% done.

Here's a shot of the back of the owl so you can the the rings that are going into it.

As with most of my "projects", they're large, and I don't work on them all the time. So, progress updates are generally very few and far between.

New Listings:
New Item(s):
A while back I made a scale star off of a picture from The Ring Lord for a friend, and someone requested gold and blue... and I sorta never got around to it until now.