Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tulip Earrings!!

This is probably the last you'll hear of it (do anyone actually read this?!) but there's 2 days left of the back to school sale before the prices go back up!!
Go over to my shops (links on the left) and don't say I didn't warn you!

So, 1000markets got bought by Bonanzle, a similar online market place, and so 1000markets sellers have to transfer their shops over there (really easy actually. Just a few clicks), or let the shop get shut down.
With that being said, I have "new" shop over at:
It might not work RIGHT away, but it should be viewable soon.

New Items:
I just got in an order of finding/bulk chain/french hooks/etc. Because I now have gold french hooks for the first time, I decided to work on some earrings (I rarely do)

and from the back-side. I kind of like it when the leaf is backwards... maybe I'll flip it...

These are... I don't know what to call them yet, but I think they look awesome!

Another part of my supplies order included bulk "white" and brass 2.1mm chain! Now I can finally give a customer something to hang their newly purchase pendant on!!

O gosh! I almost forgot...

This is a recreation of a custom order someone made at Fanime, back in May. I don't usually make rainbow stuff, but when people have seen this, they want it, or bracelets like it. I'll get on that :D

Custom Orders:

emilykay405 over on etsy custom ordered this awesome bracelet :D
A simple and common design, but not something I would have made anytime soon without her prodding!

Take a hint, and give me some ideas :)

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Week For Sale and FRIED MARBLES!!

This is the last week to take advantage of my back to school sale before I put the prices back!!
Be sure to browse through my shops. If the colors aren't quite what you want, please message me about getting something done custom!
If you at least talk to me about getting something done before October, I'll honor the sale for it. :D
My classic wrapped marbles

Celtic stars

Here's some that are certainly for sale, but I've never listed or mass-produced before

Fried/Crackle Marbles:

So, a couple of nights ago I got the urge to finally fry some of my own marbles. I'd seen it around the internet, and I had bought "crackle" marbles before. Actually... I use them in some of my items.

The method I used was a teflon pan on the stove... This is one silly pic out of context!

I eventually put a lid on it to keep the heat in.
After about 20-30 minutes I started pulling them out and dropping them into ice water! *crack* They turned out beautifully, and they're smooth to the touch. All the cracking is internal.

Before and after:

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just a reminder: All of the celtic stars/wrapped marbles keychains/zipper pulls are on sale through the rest of September!!

I've been working back and forth with a customer on a few items and figured they were worth sharing :D

The far right one is one of my Ninja Turtle themed bracelets, Leonardo.
For the other bracelet, she asked for the Neapolitan bracelet, but with light blue instead of brown:

and for the star, she asked for this star, but replace the purple rings with brown:

Moral of the story, please don't be shy to ask me if you want anything custom ordered! My view of what looks good is pretty narrow, so my best ideas and color combinations have come from you guys.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tao Dragon Tail Bracelets!!!

I'm pretty horrible at this blogging thing >_>
I think I missed a few posts.
I've also completely neglected the websites through most of August cause of school starting up again. So here I am.

New Items:
I finally finished 2 more of the bracelets from last post, and listed one (below).
Pretty excited to have finally gotten some of them done!

I also plan on making earring sets for them like this:

Or like this... but as earrings instead of cell-phone lariats.

I've been working on my armor for about... 2 years, give or take, and I've finally gotten it to a point (again) where its wearable!! A friend had a costume party and I figured this would be great for it, so I got hustling on finishing the shoulders.

The coif (head piece) is new. I had part of one before but I stopped making it a while back because I accidentally made the pattern larger enough to fit someone with a basketball sized head (really, I put it on a basketball...). So, last week I took the whole old coif apart and remade it to fit my head.

For reference, a year ago the armor looked like this:

The plate armor shell is now in the attic :P

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