Monday, January 24, 2011


I still don't have my light tent and its lights set up yet, so it's a little hard to list new items. With that, it's also a little hard to motivate myself to make new items or pump out bracelets and key chains when I know I can't get pictures of them yet. :D

But, even if I'm not working on website related stuff, I still have custom neck-tie orders to work on *shudder*, and a few relatively daunting booth projects I need to get done before the convention I go to in May.
Oooo. Maybe I should look into selling at more conventions! What an idea... hmm...

It's already been about a year since I started this project with a few months of no progress made at all. But, I know how quickly time can fly so I want to start getting it out of the way sooner than later.

Most recently I added the top halves of "CHA", so now I can finally start knocking out "SNEATH", letter by letter.
I'm partially excited to start working on the banner again, but I also dread it. Most project's have some "instant gratification" to them, like bracelets and key chains, because you can work on it for a few minutes and see noticeable progress that keeps you inspired and pressing on, but with larger projects, you can work on them for hours and only finish a small, hardly noticeable, dent.

That's where the title comes in. Variety.
It's important to create variety in your crafting. Mix it up a bit. Work on something else for a while. Or heck, browse through the work of other artists that you look up to for inspiration. Just don't burn out. I can say that all I want, but I'm the guiltiest of all. :D

So. While I don't have the light tent available I'll be blogging mostly about other related projects.

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