Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

- Prices have been changed! (For the most part)
- I've changed all of my websites to include international shipping.
- I've printed out and started on all the forms I need to make this an actual business (FBN/EIN/etc)
- and I've also started setting up a work schedule and have been waking up earlier to "go to work".

I think my work and craft is worth it, but we'll see how well sales do with the increased prices.

New Items:
A little while ago someone wanted to necklace with marbles in it so I made a way to make a 4-sided gibbet... which was pretty hard. I eventually ended up with this mess of different types, and different ways to connect multiple marbles end to end.

My client hasn't responded yes/no/maybe yet, so I decided to try to make a single marble choker in the meantime.
But, I only got a few units into the chain when I decided I liked it better as a keychain :D

What do you guys think? I've had some people say it would also look great as a bracelet. With that in mind I made a hand-flower in brown with a jade marble... which is for another blog post.

Custom Orders:
Thanks to fieldsde for ordering these :D
UV marbles too. They turned out really well.

New Listings:

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