Monday, October 25, 2010

Light Tent - It's A Tent For Light

I've been toying with the idea of making a light tent as an upgrade to taking my pictures in the backyard with the same patio and fence in the background.

It might be a rinky-dink box with a few cheap daylight lamps, but I'm actually surprised how some of the pictures are coming out.

and yet, I seem to be having trouble getting the lighting right for hanging pieces.
Looks AMAZING laying flat:

But it gets pretty dark when up in the air.

Then there's marbles.
Beautiful in a way, but the lighting makes it so I can't really see them well.

However, going outside works MUCH better for them!

Overall, it works well for things laying down, but not incredibly well for hanging items or marbles... or purple items... but thats my camera's fault.

New Items:

In other news, I remade the "D12" maille and marble sculpture with 'iridized' marbles and steel rings, which is pictured above. Its kinda hard to miss.
Here it is again for a size reference.

20 marble dodecahedron of pure awesome!!!

I've expanded the pattern (on paper) and I have a way to expand the ball out (maybe indefinitely), but thats for another post :D
I'd like to know the name of it... I believe it would have "truncated" in the name somewhere, but higher-geometry naming schemes are above me.

I have a few other new items I wanna show off, but I'll save that for a later post as well!


  1. It's amazing how much of a difference that makes!

    Wow to the dodecahedron too! =)

  2. so, maybe don't hang the items....can you tip the box so the opening is up top and shoot down into it getting a full-on view which may look the same as a hanging view?
    i kind of like the marbles in the lightbox, too.
    altogether, very professional and great looking!

  3. :D it DOES make a huge difference.

    mermaid: hmm. I can get overhead shots fine, but maybe of the floppier items NEED to be suspended, or they collapse on themselves and look like a pile of rings :)
    I'm thinking of putting mirrors inside the box, on either side of the camera, so I can reflect the light, and the background onto the hanging items.