Friday, July 30, 2010

A Custom Order and Another Failed Attempt...

Custom Order:
Made a couple new bracelets last night as I worked through a custom order with a friend, and they both came out really nice.
But, she only wants one bracelet. So, I'll try to list the remaining one early next week.

Both bracelets are of the "half-persian" sub-family, with the thicker one being HP 4-1 and the thinner being 3-1. My etsy shop is FULL of HP 4-1 bracelets... and HP 3-1 has been popular when I've made them (they're easier too), but I've never gotten around to making more.
So, this custom order was a godsend :3 Hopefully I'll be making more HP 3-1 in the near future.

Naval Mines:

I've had this project going on where I've been trying to make chainmaille "naval mines" for fish tank decorations. Those spiky, floating things that are anchored to the bottom of the sea and take out ships.
I have a bunch of hollow "floating glass balls", a punch of ping pong balls, and some foam balls... ALL of white have sunk like rocks. They float great on their own, but as soon as I cage it in steel, it sinks (go figure).
Me and my brother have theorized that they will float if I use aluminum rings (3.47x lighter) but I've also been told by someone that aluminum will jack up fish... boooo.
There probably won't be too many new updates on that until I get something to finally float. At least, something that floats that LOOKS like a mine. That's part of the challenge.
Facebook: Naval Mines
I'm not totally sure if the link to my progress photos of the mines will work for other people. We'll find out :)

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  1. Sneath, I enjoyed visiting your blog even tho I don't understand what hp4-1, 3-1, etc is all about. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with Hewlett Packard. Right?

  2. lol, no, nothing to do with computers.
    I mentioned "half-persian", ie HP in the beginning.
    "Persian" is one of the main families/categories of weaves. 4-1 and 3-1 refer how many other rings one ring loops through.
    In 4-in-1 weaves, every ring (1) goes through four (4) other rings, and in 3-in-1 weaves, every ring goes through 3 others... its kinda confusing at first.

    I'll try to keep in mind that most people don't get maille jargon :P